FRESH Air Disinfection Robot
UNIPIN FRESH Air Disinfection Robot

1. Human-machine coexistence: safe design, human-machine coexistence, normal use in a human environment.
2. Smart work: smart disinfection, autonomous navigation, autonomous route planning.
3. Broad spectrum and high efficiency: high efficiency in killing and disinfection. Bacteria killing rate reaches 99.99%.
4. Real-time monitoring: It detects the harmful gases such as TVOC/formaldehyde in the air, and accelerates the work by the auto mode.



Air Guard Around You
— Three disinfection principles, six purification modules, to maintain public safety
six purification modules

1. Primary efficiency purification and filtration
2. Negative ion
3. Ultraviolet light
4. Photocatalyst
5. H13 HEPA filter mesh
6. Composite carton cotton filter element



FRESH Air Disinfection Robot Parameter Table
Basic information of product Product name Air disinfection robot
model TP-KQ-02
Color White
Material ABS + sheet metal
Rated voltage 25.6V
Rated power 135W
High efficiency filter purification H13 HEAP filter
Air sterilization and purification configuration information
PM2.5 purification Yes
Negative ion purification Yes
UV sterilization purification Yes
Working mode and functions of product Wind speed gear 1.2.3 gears adjustable
Smart mode Yes
OLED screen display Yes
Consumables replacement reminder Yes
TVOC real-time monitoring display Yes
Timer mode Yes
Sleep mode Yes
Child lock mode Yes
APP remote control function Yes
Product performance parameters Product size 560*560*1200
Net/gross weight of product 62kg
Operating maximum noise (DB) ≤60DB
Cumulative amount of purification of particulate matters CCM P4
UV lamp power/W 36W
UV lamp wavelength 253.7nm
UV illumination 100uW/cm²
UV leakage <1uW/cm²
Active oxygen release 0mg/H
Applicable area 80-100M²
Formaldehyde removal rate >99.95%
Staphylococcus albus removal rate >99.95%
Bacillus subtilis >99.95%
Removal rate of natural bacteria in the air >99.95%
Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) 600m³/H(350ft³/min)
Power supply Battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity 25.6V/40Ah
Charging 3-4H
Service life 80% retention after 3000 cycles
Maximum charging voltage 29.4V
Endurance (no load) About 8H
Driving wheel Size (wheel diameter* width mm) 160*45
Material Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
Power 50W
Max speed 180r/min
Max torque 4.7NM
Performance Max load  50KG
Max operating speed  1.5M/s
Navigation accuracy ±30mm
Direction 360º rotation
Safety protection Emergency stop button Emergency stop
Collision prevention and obstacle avoidance Lidar/RGBD depth camera
Indicator lamp Operating status indication
Voice broadcast Yes
Human sensing Thermal infrared human sensor (optional)
Remote start/stop Configured with a remote control module for remote start and stop
Navigation Navigation mode SLAM navigation
Route planning Automatic planning/manually assigned route planning
Navigation sensor TOF LiDAR (20m)
Communication Wireless network 2.4G WiFi
Debug port Ethernet RJ45
Environment Ambient temperature 0ºC 45ºC
Ambient humidity Relative humidity 5~95% (frost free)
Operating environment Indoor use only (dustless, no corrosive gases)
Protection rating IP20
Ground anti-slip coefficient ≥0.5
Ground requirements Horizontal concrete floor (free from water, oil, dust)
Ground conditions Vertical obstacle capability 5mm
Gully crossing capability 10mm
Maximum climbing angle